Bhagyasanket Calendar provides astrological guidelines to plan important daily and monthly activities. It provides the following information at your fingertips - panchang, tithi, nakshatra, rahu kal, amrut and shubhyog, muhurta / auspicious days, festivals

Easy launch widget with timely push notifications / reminders on important days, indian festivals etc

Monthly muhurta and auspicious days for wedding, puja, valuable purchases.

Rashi bhavishya / predictions

Online consultation personal, business, match-making, vastu

Stock market investments guidelines

Political And Social Predictions

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About Us

Bhagyasanket is 30 years old and has stood the test of time. It has not only won the appreciation of many newspapers for its presentation and quality content but has also won hearts for its perfect predictions and making it a precious annual posseions. Bhagyasanket is preserved by its readers throughout the year for many reasons.It is being used as a guide for personal matters,Share market and National- International Political Predictions. It carries daily planetary guideline "Dindarshika" making Bhagyasanket a must for every home.


  Astro-Stock Prediction

 Daily Guideline

 Rashi Bhavishya

 Political Prediction

 Vastu-Shashtra Article

 Muhurt for all occassions

 Articles of Renowned Astrologers



Dr. Sunanda Rathi

Chief Editor

Shriram Bhat

Working Editor

Prof Jayashri Pendase

Co. Editor

Mandar Bapat

Co. Editor

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